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In the words of our organizers... "There is no place like Montana on Earth. It’s a wild and wonderful place. I take great pride in where we are. A place where All Four Seasons Can Happen in One Day… the warmth and independence of the people… the menacing mountain peaks and rolling landscapes it’s hard to keep your jaw off the ground… the unique combination of wildlife and stunning scenery… Adventure and adrenaline are always just a few steps from your front door. Every road and every turn introduces somewhere even more amazing than before. Why wouldn’t you have a rock festival out here. I was born and raised here in Montana and have a deep emotional connection to rock music… It doesn’t get old, it’s timeless. We started this festival back in '99 off the back of our love of Classic Rock music. We wanted to bring this to Montana... we had the ideal location and could deliver an immersive experience thanks to its sprawling and secluded landscape with even better acoustics than Woodstock. Since the beginning, Rockin the Rivers has brought crowds from all over Montana and far beyond. The festival has grown year on year as well as diversified to include bands that appeal to younger rock fans as well as older. We’ve seen some of the worlds greatest musicians play on our stages. We have a laid back approach to the festival, something we strongly emphasize, which ensures a good experience for not only the attendees, but the acts as well. Many of the bands come back every year and love playing here. There is something about rock music and the beauty of nature that combine perfectly to create an atmosphere that elevates a festival to a whole new level. Bringing together an amazing collection of talented and influential local and international rock groups. We are a family organisation and see this as a homegrown festival and so do the people. Our audience has grown year on year, not only in numbers, but they have also grown to become a family, a family that shares a passion for great rock music and a really friendly atmosphere. They are back every year because of the extraordinary spirit they claim they feel here in this part of the country. We’ve dedicated ourselves to ensuring that each festival we’ve organized has always been a true celebration of the rock music we know and love... as well as an opportunity for great people to get together, kick back, and listen to decades of rock music all rolled into an extraordinary weekend event where everyone can have an incredible three days."

New Bands added to the line-up

Well if this isn't a great Valentines day gift then I dont know what is!
We are super proud to announce that Black Label Society, Lit and Black Stone Cherry have been added to the already incredible line-up.


After months of monitoring and discussions with our team and local health officials, we’re absolutely heartbroken to announce that in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rockin’ the Rivers has to be postponed until August 2021.

Thank you for being patient with us while we navigated this. We are a homegrown festival with the goal of bringing good folks together to celebrate great music. We held out as long as we could before making the final call but unfortunately, our event permits were denied based on the current guidelines for public gatherings set by federal, state and local authorities. Ultimately, the safety and travel concerns for the bands, vendors, volunteers, and YOU could not be ignored in this unprecedented time.

We know these coming days will be a trying time for everyone. As a small, independent festival, we take a lot of pride in our event, but the heart of our decision is centered on you, our Rockin’ the Rivers’ family, and ensuring we can collectively remain strong and connected for years to come.

We can’t wait to do this thing right next summer; when everyone will be able to attend, and these wild times are hopefully far behind us.

All ticket sales and campsite reservations will be honored for 2021. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for further announcements, line-ups, ticket giveaways, and more.

Until we can gather again, stay safe, take care of yourselves, and keep on Rockin’